Executive Coaching

Consultation Services

At IPHS, we have decades of leadership experience within population health research to help advise other academic and medical professionals.

Research Consultation

Navigating private, state and federal funding can be enormously difficult for all researcher, especially for early stage and mid stage investigators. At IPHS, we have two decades of experiences successfully navigating the diverse funding mechanisms, especially surrounding population health research topics. Our members have been both study section members and chair of many study sections for peer review.

At IPHS, we are available to provide consultation for grant applications at inception of idea, study design, construction, submission and implementation. We also provide rigorous peer review of grant application prior to submission. Throughout the years, we have gathered stockpile of successful NIH funded grant application for which to be shared with interested faculty. In addition, we could provide consultation on quantitative and qualitative research projects. Moreover, we have decades of experiences in survey constructs and design for epidemiological projects. For examples of prior grant writing workshop, please see link.

Executive Coaching

Individual professional coaching can facilitate transformation and accelerate development Coaching is tailored to the individual needs and situations. Different coaching strategies may include, but not limited to:

  1. Career coaching to ensure talented individuals embark on a long and engaged journey within the organization
  2. Transition coaching for faculty engaged in a new position within academic settings
  3. Situational Coaching for faculty who are confronted with a challenging situation to navigate in the complex and often political academic setting
  4. Leadership coaching for faculty needing a comprehensive leadership training and development program to be a more effective leaders within and outside the organization at the state, national and international levels.

For more information, please email: [email protected] for scope and rate.