Grant Writing Workshops

Training Successful Independent Researchers

Through a series of multi-week workshops, early to mid stage faculty members can learn strategies for creating impactful and successful grant applications, with series tailored to specific types of federal grants. Series focus on NIH grant applications, with targeted attention to specific funding levels such as K01 or R01.

Training focuses on core skills needed in developing a successful application, combined with practical applications through group feedback sessions on participants aims and writing. Workshops intend to strengthen attendee’s understanding of the NIH review process, ability to respond to peer review, and development of scientific innovation. Each series also provided workshops focused on topics specific to the type of application, from developing a well-balanced mentorship team, to participant recruitment strategies and human subject considerations for applications centered around research.

Feedback from Prior Attendees

"Thank you so much, this is the best thing [our program] has done for tenure track faculties in their professional development[]. It opened my eyes to how to get grants in the future."


"Overall, this workshop really helped me a lot! I gained a lot of knowledge and had a chance to hear from very senior researchers on the NIH grant process which was a mystery to me."


"Really appreciated the time put in by [workshop leaders]. Their knowledge and experience is incredibly valuable for us to learn from as early career investigators."


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